Air Conditioning

The climate in Spain during the Summer months can be very hot and humid and most villas and apartments could benefit from an Air Conditioning installation.


So, how do you make the decision whether to have Air Conditioning installed in your property? Research shows that there are multiple benefits to an Air Conditioning installation.


1. Air Conditioning reduces environmental stress caused by heat and cold. The human body suffers when subjected to excesses of heat and cold. Much of our body is geared towards temperature maintenance which means that if you are in an environment where you have limited control over temperatures it isn’t good for you. If you are too hot then you risk dehydration and if you are too cold then your body is forced to work harder to maintain it’s temperature leading to fatigue. Air Conditioning give you the temperature control back.

2. The ‘Comfort Zone’ is not a myth. The temperatures at which you are most comfortable are your environmental optimum range and when you are in this range you feel relaxed and naturally your stress levels are reduced.


General Air Conditioning Units

Air quality is linked to good health. Small particles, invisble to the naked eye, pollen and stale air can make respiration more difficult and can reduce the amount of air you take in with each breath. Inevitibly this leads to more physical stress. Air Conditioning can greatly enhance air quality.

Good air filtration is vital to those suffering from respiratory issues as they capture dust and air particles. Air Conditioning helps to eliminate these from your home.


How does Air Conditioning work?

The process is quite complex but it basically works like a refrigerator. A compressor pumps refrigerant though two coils. One gets hot and the other one cold. The warm air from the room is blown over the cold coil to dry and cool it. This cooled air is blown back into the room to cool it down. Some warm air from the room is drawn over the hot coil to remove heat from that coil and is expelled though the wall vent.

Not only do Air Conditioning units cool the air down they also give heat during the Winter months providing optimum temperatures all year round.
Having Air Conditioning installed in your property not only provides a cool haven from the Summer heat but also makes your apartment or villa more attractive to potential rental clients.



Compass can offer a full range of Air Conditioning units to cater for all types of properties. Whether they be split units or ducted systems inverter or non inverter, we install a vast range of units and makes such as Panasonic, General, Samsung, Daitsu to name but a few.

We can supply and install normally within 10 days as our team hold many units in stock.

As price is always a big motivation when purchasing Air Conditioning we will beat any genuine written quotation.

Please contact us for further information regarding installation of Air Conditioning.
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